15 Mar

Couples are the worst thing that has happened to civilization.

HA! How do you know you have grown up?

Don’t blame the messenger, but, you can learn why by watching this very entertaining comedy.

You think your parents did a good job right? (in some cases they didn’t I know, we all have mommy issues), well, this movie will show you how everything you’ve  learned from your designated “grown up” can be forgotten.

Are you polite? diplomatic? nice? I wonder for how long, once you come across a situation that pushes all your buttons, all hell will break loose.

OK! I have a secret, this is the first movie I have ever seen where, at the very end, I said to myself: wait, is this movie only 20 minutes? well, time flies when you are having fun.

Watch this movie with your wife/husband/partner, because, when you are secretly fed-up with each other, when you want to forget that YOU are the adult in the room, this is a good way to take a hint.

By Latrosa


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