Last Century – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

14 Mar

I must admit, most of the people I know could be character in that movie!

What kind of people I know? up until now I thought they were normal! but let’s face it, we are all nuts!

And If we are not nuts, we are pretty damn close.

Master peace in movie making!

This Oscar-winning movie kept me laughing and very entertained, who knew being  institutionalized could be so much fun (is not a comedy, you are warned),  in 1975 at least.

There is no much I can say from my humble point of view, but, this film touches issues that are still valid nowadays, more specifically, how do we deal in different levels with the issues that make us who we are everyday, how others judge who you are,  how many others want to change that, and how are you going to fight back.

Every now an again , someone will come, slightly crazier that you are, and will make you see things under a new light, those kind of people, are the ones that you learn from.


Watch this movie, so you can have an amazing topic of conversation.


By Latrosa

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