11 Mar

This film was out in the middle of 2011, and was unfortunately tainted by controversy around Cannes film festival,  because of the whole drama, I didn’t get see it on time. 

In all fairness, this is a touching movie, (reminds me of The Tree of Life), an art performance for the end of the world, the end of trying, and sadness, a LOT of hopeless sadness.

My companion was infuriated, claiming nothing was happening, but, I was quite hooked, lots was happening, for those open to see, how everything can just turn sour, sad, depressing and in a matter of minutes, melancholia kicks in. LITERALLY!

This is not an easy movie, it gets heavy and raw, but this is Lars Von Tier modus operandi, if you have seen any of his previous films.

I recommend this movie for the pure pleasure to see  good acting, writing and directing dance together, a very underestimated movie that should have gotten more credit.

Watch this movie with your teenage person of choice, learning how to cope with the annoying growing pains can start by just pressing play.

By Latrosa


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