10 Mar

Last time I had so much fun watching a movie this type was, well, let’s face it, longer than I’d like to admit.

This movie was hypnotizing, the colors, the attention to detail, marvelous experience.

I knew I loved movies before watching Hugo, but after I found myself so hopelessly devoted to them I got a bit worried.

This movie is not a children’s movie, but it has the power to open wide the imagination of all generations alike, and boy mine is!

Silent movies might be making a comeback people!!

We all have to thank Martin Scorsese for being the genius he is and sharing his fabulous creativity with the rest of us humans.

This book adaptation is more than a love letter to film making, with all the ups and downs, hits and misses and heart breaks, it is a manifesto, one that can only  be praised and use for future references to fun and entertaining cinema (Jon Fevreau, I am looking at you)

Watch this movie with your dad, your uncle and your grandpa, because their important influence, their teachings and their support will make you discover things about yourself, fight for your beliefs and have passion, even when they are gone.

By Latrosa


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