A Dangerous Method

7 Mar

Yes, I saw this movie, but mainly because of the actors involved. I am a big fan of all of them, and prompted the usual internal monologue “look at this cast what could ever go wrong?”

Do you see where I am getting with this?

Well, I think the movie was not so bad, for a period movie, very informative, nice photography, but how really interesting is the birth of Psychoanalysis? If you watch this movie, it sure wont make a lasting impression on you either. 

Maybe it was the Kiera’s russian accent wasn’t consistent throughout, or that you could barely hear Vigo’s voice… there was a coldness, a detachment, like it was all an experiment (was it on purpose?) in any case, the movie is interesting for those on their “Introduction to Psychoanalysis 101”; for me you ask? I went over the 15 minute mark, so it is watchable.

I found myself convincing my companion that the movie was interesting and worth seeing (maybe I was convincing myself) but if I remember the endorsement of the NYTimes  with words like  “riddle” , “scientific ambition” and my own motto “every movie deserves a chance” hey I gave it a chance and, at the end, I learned something I did not know before: I AM TO DAMN CONVINCING!

Watch this movie only if you need some answers like the meaning of your recurring dream of running naked on the highway being chased by multicolored rabbits.

Watch it alone, no one but yourself needs to hear the meaning of that!

By latrosa

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