Young Adult

5 Mar

This movie scared me, in a good way, the way that is almost embarrassing realizing that some of those things happening, might be about you.

Diablo Cody does it again, she created this relatable characters within a slightly far-fetched story and these people need to grow up, together.

I don’t feel I need to talk about the director of this movie because this film was all about the characters and how they bring alive a very boring town.

We sat down to watch this movie, thinking it was a comedy, WRONG, is a Dark comedy, or a Dramedy? or Drama? 

Who cares, you cannot stop  laughing/wondering/cringing at Charlize Theron’s character, she simply nails it. This woman goes back to his home town, motivated by her very twisted internal alternative universe, and introduces us to a life, that lets face it, we have lived [a little].

Think about this, for how long are you allowed to play video games, keep your superhero collection, wear your high school sweet heart’s t-shirt, how long are you allowed to keep in your adult mind what you liked about your teenager life.

Hey who are we to judge right? everyone is allowed their own degree of nuts (and infantile behavior?)

I like that in this movie nobody wins, Nobody needs to win, because this is just a normal day with a twist, and everyone needs an alcoholic with mental issues to spice up your life right, RIGHT?

People with no personal boundaries and seemingly with no emotion are everywhere, look around you, and in this movie they are everywhere, nice group of people equally detached from reality.

The movie was uncomfortable fun to watch.

You should watch this movie with your siblings, realizing what problems you have but nobody to tell them too has to suck.

Drink moonshine responsibly.

Face it who wants to grow up

By Latrosa

PS: Patton Oswalt enough said!


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