Margin Call

4 Mar

I was curious to know how it all started, how the financial crisis came to be a reality for the last 4 years.

AND THIS MOVIE PISSED ME OFF! I did not want to know that!

What am I, a masochist? looks like I am… otherwise what in hell was I thinking. Why to watch the cold-hearted decision making in the conference room where so much jobs and billions of dollars were lost (lost into the pockets of the people sitting in that room)

This movie can easily be a documentary, only with big stars (on Nat Geo, like crash scene investigation), the language used is very, how to put it, elementary, as if we were 5 year olds, only missing the narrator (Morgan Freeman).

The characters are 99% clear on their moral motivators, only one is torn in between, that one character tries to humble down the movie, but fails, why? because is clearly unbelievable that in a corporation of thousands all over the world making so many people rich, is HIM the only one that lasted 35 years on the job “doing the right thing”; come on, this is corporate america, the heart of the financial market meltdown, the very institution that has speculated with the future of millions, everyone was doing the wrong thing.

By bringing a “hero” the movie lost is direction, we don’t need, as viewers, a guilty verdict, we know what happened, I think it was patronizing to make the movie in a way that promotes a romantic theory [not everyone was in when the events were unfolding].

It all comes down to the viewing experience, and yes, it was engaging, and stressing (how many times did I curse?  I lost count)

Watch this movie with co-workers, it will give you perspective, teach you a thing or two about yourself and you can brown nose a little, just in case.

By Latrosa


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