The girl with the Dragon Tattoo

3 Mar


Between the original version of the film and the Hollywood version. Which one is better? should they be compared?

Why? well, if I was to undertake the huge task to remake a successful book, which was already made into a successful movie, I don’t think it will be easy, the scrutiny that might come, the similarities, am I being fateful to the book, am I being too safe, all that will make me re-think and quite simply, move on and be innovative, you know, for a change.

I won’t deny that I watched this movie with a grain of salt, due to the historical fails from hollywood to re-make european (NSFW) movies. So I gave it a go.

I was about to give up on my usual 15 minutes of waiting to be amazed (and because I was not impressed and hooked at all) when I realized that this movie was not trying to be much different from the original, it was almost a copy, difference is, it is made for american audiences, so, what if there is something else there, you know, hidden.

There was nothing, NOTHING, snooze fest!; the movie pretty much is as straight forward as you can expect as a SAFE copy of the original, you get see the leading characters going trough their individual drama, and their circumstances bringing them together, the same way only without all the sexuality. (YES, even 2 – 30 seconds sex scenes and some boobs does not make it as R rated as you might think)

BUT in all fairness, director decent job, screen adaptation? in some cases good, Daniel Craig looked too detached from the character, making him non believable, but Rooney Mara, she did a good job, she took this character and got lost in it, making you feel for her and like this sociopath.

Do I recommend it? yes, what the hell..

Watch this movie only if it is the first Dragoon Tattoo you’ve seen. If it is the second, well watch it with alcohol.

By Latrosa


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