Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

2 Mar

This movie has the hypnotizing power of strip tease.

Tough cookie this movie. How do you review a movie that is so well written, directed and performed? OK, I’m not “The Academy” but HELL is pleasant to watch, from time to time, a good movie!

You are hooked from the get go, and all you want to do is to know what will come next, what will be discovered.

In this movie, the actors with such finesse and craft, take you around the very elusive (and pretty obscure) spy world; cold war never looked so interesting, and believe me, I am a huge fan of british films and this one is cementing the British Film Industry with a certified comeback.

You are in for a great adventure, even though Gary Oldman (he is simply perfect) doesn’t say much, there is a lot of stuff going on you don’t want to miss a second of his investigation to discover the mole (belated spoiler alert).

Personal drama is no less captivating, even spies have hearts, AND THEY GET BROKEN DAMN IT.

But the movie carries on with this great puzzle, putting pieces together slowly but firmly, arranging everything so the last hours of your life in front of the screen are perfectly spent.

Watch this movie with your best friend, your best friend will go to great lengths to thank you for watching this movie with him ( you’ll know what I mean).

By LaTrosa


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