27 Feb

You know,  I am beginning to notice a trend here, I am kind of veering towards Hollywood‘s underdogs, the movies that were ignored by the academy and every other award in award season.

One of those fantastically underestimated movies is DRIVE, and believe me, Ryan Goslin is as equally undervalued as this cold-blooded, mysterious driver that requires you to shut up and relinquish all power so he can… you know… drive you.

Does it matter that he speaks very little about his past, and why is he verging in the psychotic? Hell no, you will be rooting for this dude from the beginning, and you won’t mind the blood ( yes blood again)

The story is intense and captivating, and the director manages to capture a guy who uses a car as a weapon as well as a home, makes us fall in love with him and hate the bad guys, loving even more the way deals with adversity.

Drive is a movie to watch with your neighbor, you know, because you never know what kind of nice lady/man you can find living next door that you can help out,  fall in love with, or can potentially kill you.

And what about the scorpion!

By Latrosa


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