Breakfast at Tiffany’s

25 Feb

Honoring the classics and the fact that just yesterday I saw this movie ( I know right?) I will review, In my own way:

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

“If I was a little girl, I will want to grow up to have the most hypnotic mouth, lips that go from ear to ear and a smile that makes global warming look like a cheap radiator from the ex USSR.”

This movie made me believe in the I DON’T KNOW, and everyone should be OK with that!

Of course, the book is one thing, the movie another, but if a movie ever captured a feeling of loneliness amongst many and that search for something you don’t want o find, ever, this one does.

You’re always wondering what  Holy does for a living and why; discovering what she does is not as important as one’s realization that it does not matter as long as she keeps doing it ,but, the constant humor that covers the longing of a life, that, will forever keep her from finding her true self, will make you land on your face and break a bone or two.

Watch this movie with friends, not with your significant other, because, in real life, only real friends will help you go through life not really knowing anything.

By Latrosa


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